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ARMA is a not for profit industry body, incorporated in Australia and governed by a group of industry representatives including rotational moulders, suppliers and professionals.  ARMA employs an Executive Staff to help them reach the organisations strategic and operational goals who lead a small team of employees from their offices in Brisbane and the Gold Coast in Queensland.

Graeme Hall


Toby Peacock


Anant Yuvarajah

Board Member

John Collier

Board Member

Kete Mckie

Supplier Board Member

Michelle Rose

Deputy Executive Officer

David Garland

Past President

Ian Gough

Board Member

Lester Ferry

Board Member

Craig Welsh

Board Member

Grant Palling

Supplier Board Member

Sally Beets

Membership New Zealand

Trudi Duncan

Vice President

Chris Glenn

Board Member

Mark Medew

Board Member

Kelvin O'Keefe

Supplier Board Member

Leisa Donlan

Chief Executive Officer

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