ARMA is the premier organisation for rotational moulders throughout Australia New Zealand and Asia. Member moulders and suppliers have a proven commitment to providing you with quality products and services.

Our Objectives

  • Provide a Forum for Members to Network

  • Contribute To the Overall Stability and Integrity of the Industry

  • Promote Research and Development

  • Promote Fair Trading Practices

  • Liaise With Other Organisations World Wide

  • Promote the Process

Membership of the Association of Rotational Moulders Australasia Inc. is open to all rotational moulders and companies supplying the industry. There are several categories of membership:

Rotational Moulding Member

Any company which operates products using the rotational moulding process, regardless of the number of locations in which they operate.

Supply Chain Member

Any company which supplies the rotational moulding industry, regardless of the number of locations in which they operate.

Professional or Client Members

Any person or company who is client of a member or who consults to the industry, regardless of the number of locations in which they operate.

Educational Member

Any person or organization that provides education, training or specialist research for the rotational moulding industry.

Stakeholder Member

Any person or organization that is a key stakeholder in the rotational moulding industry and ineligible for membership to other categories

Sub Group Member

Any organisation that is a client or interested party in a specific sub group formed by the Association.

2019 Membership

Membership is open to all countries and is not restricted to South East Asia. Renewed annually in December membership has no initial “joining fee”. Membership of the Association entitles you to receive a subsidised copy of “Rotoworld” produced in the USA which services the Rotational Moulding industry worldwide. Regular email newsletter including business referrals; special offers and industry news are produced by the Association and forwarded to members all around the world. This offers the perfect opportunity for Associate Members to target their customers with advertising opportunities available.

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